Proposing a new Cochrane review

New titles can only be accepted for areas that are not currently covered by a Cochrane protocol or review. A complete list of the Cochrane Bone, Joint and Muscle Trauma Group's published protocols and reviews can be found here but please be aware that discussions may be ongoing with other review teams about areas not mentioned here - guarantees about the availability of topic areas cannot be made. All suggested titles must fit within the Group's scope.

Review team
It is essential that Cochrane reviews be undertaken by more than one person. This ensures that tasks such as selection of studies for eligibility and data extraction can be performed by at least two people independently, increasing the likelihood that errors are detected. Cochrane also asks that review teams include expertise in the topic area being reviewed and include, or have access to, expertise in systematic review methodology (including statistical expertise). First-time review authors are encouraged to work with others who are experienced in the process of systematic reviews, ideally Cochrane reviews. Our editors are unlikely to accept a title proposal from a review team without this expertise in place.

The Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource contains more information about managing expectations: what does Cochrane expect of authors, and what can authors expect of Cochrane?

Before embarking on title registration, review teams should ensure that they have identified appropriate time and resources to complete the review.

As per Cochrane guidelines, a draft protocol must be submitted to the editorial base within six months of title registration and a draft review within twelve months of protocol publication. If drafts are not submitted before the agreed deadlines, or if we are unable to contact you for an extended period, we have the right to de‑register the title or transfer the title to alternative authors. Review authors accept responsibility for maintaining the review in light of new evidence, comments and criticisms, and other developments, and updating the review at least once every two years, or, if requested, transferring responsibility for maintaining the review to others as agreed with the Group.

If you have a topic that you wish to be considered by the Group, please contact the Group at with brief details of your proposal.