Editorial policies

The Group has a number of editorial policies in place. Details can be found by clicking the relevant links below but any questions about any part of our process can be directed to cochrane_bjmtg@manchester.ac.uk. 

Editorial process
Details of our editorial process can be found here

Our dissemination strategy for individual Cochrane reviews, including updates, takes advantage of Cochrane-wide prioritisation and dissemination activities. We also support authors in making the most of their review within their own professional context. 

Rejection of reviews and protocols
Details of our policy on rejecting protocols and reviews can be found here. This should be read in conjunction with relevant sections of the Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource, including Cochrane's own rejection policy and the 'Managing expectations' section. In addition, Cochrane's appeals procedure details the steps that must be followed if an author disagrees with an editorial decision concerning a specific Cochrane review.