Sport and exercise-related injury prevention

Project aim

This project aims to identify priority topics and associated scopes of Cochrane Reviews of the interventions used by individuals for preventing lower and upper limb injuries resulting from participation in sport and exercise-activities. 

Stage 1: Online survey to be completed by sports participants and physically active people aged over 16 years 

In the first stage of the project we want to collect information on what interventions sports participants and physically active people use, and their thoughts on these, to prevent exercise-related injuries and associated pain conditions, while setting this into context of their activities, their perception of risk and past history of injury. Participants are asked for up to five topics on which they would like to see a summary of the evidence and their reasons for these. The anonymous survey takes up to 15 minutes to complete; it can be saved and completed at people’s convenience.

The survey closed 31 July 2020.

Stage 2: Online survey to be completed by people working in sports/physical activity support roles

We would like to hear from instructors, coaches, clinical staff (sports-doctors, physiotherapists, etc), sports scientists as well as researchers who study sports injuries. A key aspect of this second survey is to gauge the difference in the knowledge and opinion between sports participants and those in these support roles.

Click here to complete survey (live until 25 September 2020)

Stage 3: Delphi procedure

The results of both surveys will go forward to inform and provide core material for the third stage, for which we currently plan an online survey Delphi procedure.  The core set of participants for this stage will be established as the project evolves. We anticipate approaching expert participants in the field alongside Cochrane stakeholders and researchers. As this aspect will be more focussed, our current plan is to approach individuals within Cochrane for their participation.

Who is running it?

Professor Greg Atkinson (Principal Investigator) and Mr Gregory MacMillan (Project Research Assistant) at Teesside University, in collaboration with the Bone, Joint and Muscle Trauma (BJMT) Group.

Where and when will the results or outcomes be made available?

In late September 2020, a progress report on stages 1 and 2 will be given on this website. Initially, this will provide a summary of the basic participation statistics. 

A detailed analysis of all the survey and Delphi results will be submitted for open access journal publication in March 2021. A report and list of topics will be displayed on the Group’s website subsequent to final consultation with BJMT Group editors and the Cochrane Acute and Emergency Care Network.